Enthusiastic and Contagious, going above and beyond

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From start to finish Ms. Swaney was truly a pleasure to work with; her knowledge, exceptional work ethic and overall enthusiasm was contagious and certainly impressive to say the least. Within hours she interpreted exactly what I was looking for and every house I viewed was exactly my style, within my budget and within my overall vision. Once settling on a house (there inlays the patience she has), she took it upon herself to find the appropriate financing, tirelessly worked with the lending agent, found me the appropriate insurance and consulted with me on how and what the place should look like once I move in. To expand, she chose paint colors, gave me the appropriate contractor to do some major projects, worked with him on what to do. She is without question the best realtor I’ve ever worked with, there is more admiration and respect for her work ethic and effortless ability to get me happy and comfortable. I would recommend Ms. Swaney a million times over to any potential home buyer and not just as a realtor but as a consultant on remodeling and design. She is absolutely amazing. –J.Neal

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